ICO Database

Live ICOs

  • MillionCoin

    Get to know a comprehensive transaction system, using the full potential of cryptocurrencies.

  • Buron

    Next generation software for cryptocurrency mining.

  • PayTezo

    PayTezo envisions to be the Ali-pay of Southeast Asian and the Indian market.

  • Bulleon

    Bulleon is a Universal digital asset platform, which is also aimed at building a strong, concept-driven currency.

  • Dragonglass

    Dragonglass is the world’s first gamified crypto-mining experience. Mining Dragonglass cryptocurrency is as easy and fun as playing a mobile game.

  • Ethereum Sweepstakes
    Ethereum Sweepstakes

    The Ethereum Sweepstakes is the world’s first, largest jackpot and best odd smart contract sweepstakes developed on the ethereum blockchain.

  • Deedcoin

    Deedcoin uses blockchain to revolutionize real estate by reducing commissions from the traditional 6% to 1%. Every 10 Deed reduces the commission by 1%.


    ASSPACE Token is intended to be the one and only cryptocurrency in a private decentralized social network with 18+ content.

  • BUILDCoin

    BUILDCoin is the world’s first & only digital currency built specifically for the construction industry, backed by legally binding construction contracts.

  • Money By Design
    Money By Design

    The Money by Design Blockchain is monetary software that allows people to produce and manage their own tokens.

  • NWPSolution

    The NWP solution is a platform that integrates smart devices and databases into a single network that provides access to existing healthcare.

  • BancCoin

    Banc Coin is a Smart-Contract governed ecosystem that focuses on creating digitized Lifestyle and Luxury.

  • SGV-G Technology
    SGV-G Technology

    The most profitable Energy Technology, invest now and you will contribute for a better World.

  • Zebi

    Makes high value (or sensitive) data readily available for legitimate use.

  • Larecoin (LARE)
    Larecoin (LARE)

    Digital Currency for Education.The next generation of Blockchain technology for processing scholarships and student allowances.